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Technology of Root Exudates

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Agmor Brohure - Aug 2019 - F - No
Agmor Brohure - Aug 2019 - F - With NEB.

Root exudates create healthy soil

The universal problem of poor soil health
Commercial agriculture for the past 50 years has focused on seed, fertilizer and chemical pest protection.  

This produces good yields, but relies on heavy chemicals use, which degrades the soil. 

This makes plants vulnerable to disease and stress such heat, droughts, etc. which reduces yields and lower farmer profit.

Poor soil health is a universal problem and represents a massive opportunity.

NEB Root Exudates Creates Healthy Soil
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Plant-based, sustainable product based on the technology of root exudates

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Root exudates are the tool used by the plant to create healthy soil, suppress disease, liberate nutrients, and provide natural growth promoters

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Independent researchers have measured 1-2 tons per hectare yield increases on rice and corn, confirmed by distributors and farmers

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Soil health is critical

Addressing this fundamental and universal problem provides impressive results.   
NEB root exudates is the only technology that solves the underlying problem of poor soil health.   Seeing is believing.   Contact us to learn more.
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