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About Agmor, Inc.

About Agmor Inc.


Agmor Inc is the manufacturer of NEB and the pioneer in the technology of root exudates.

Product development research begin in 1986.   We invested over 18 years of research, investigating root exudates from a wide range of plant species.    This extended research culminated in a knowledge unrivaled in the industry, making Agmor the leader in this natural, plant-based technology.   

NEB has stood the test of time.   The pictures and research on this website are examples of this powerful plant-based technology.  And the many research trials, distributor confirmation trials and farmer trials that we've accumulated over 30 years of experience. 

In the emerging industry of biorationals, root exudates are different.   Root exudates are the tool used by the plant to build healthy soil.   This offers both immediate profit and long-term soil-building benefits, especially important in with depleted soils.   

Working with industry leaders, NEB is distributor through traditional channels, forming partnerships with companies interested in offer a unique and value-added solutions to help farmers increase profits while at the same time improving soil quality.    

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