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To achieve optimal yields

optimal crop health is required


To achieve optimal yields, disease resistance and advanced maturity, optimal crop health is

required.   However, optimal crop health is not the absence of disease.   Optimal crop health requires healthy soil.


Plants have a strategy to build healthy soil.  Plants produce natural compounds called root exudates, that are released through their roots into the soil.


Root exudates are complex compounds that suppress harmful bacteria and fungi in the soil, while at the same time increasing the beneficial bacteria and fungi.   

Root exudates create healthy soil 

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Low cost
Offers very high ROI at very low farmer cost
Agmor Brohure - Aug 2019 - F - Bullets C
Easy to apply
Foliar spray, blend with fertilizer, drench, add to irrigation (dripline, etc.)
Many application options, application can be tailored to match the farmers existing application practice
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Compatible with agri-chemicals
Add with existing chemical applications
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No special storage, long shelf life
Root exudates are not living organisms, this is NOT a bacterial product.   That means there is no special storage requirements (50+ degrees C in your warehouse is not a problem) and a long shelf life - NEB root exudates is a very durable product
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Different - And better
NEB root exudates is the only technology that builds soil health.  Most yield enhancing products stimulate (manipulate) the plant.  This offers reduced benefits.   Root exudates address the core problem -- poor soil health, a universal problem.   This offers a more significant benefit, results you can see.
Agmor Brohure - Aug 2019 - F - Bullets C
Proven effective
Based on science, and we'll supply samples for your field confirmation trials.  Seeing is believing

Introduction to NEB Root Exudates


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Natural and powerful technology of Root Exudates


Researched extensively, proven effective. 


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